Tues/Sun 8:00pm - 9:15pm Thurs: 8:00pm - 9:00pm


2023-2024 registration opening in August. For any inquries or to join the waiting list please email the Registrar, Rob Doyle, at registrar@dwmsc.com

Membership is open to all adults 18 and up. Our only requirements is the ability to swim a few laps of the pool non-stop and an interest in swimming.  If this sounds like you, then Masters swimming is for you!

Our team focuses on physical fitness and improved stroke techniques through regular coaching.  We also ensure the team has ample opportunities for social activities throughout the year.

The costs to join the DWMSC are equivalent to, and some times cheaper than, any other sporting endeavor.  At $$$ for a full season the only additional costs are your suit, goggles, and if necessary a swim cap.  The goggles and cap are optional the suit is not. Compared with running, a gym, hockey, or basketball few other sports will give you a full body workout without the strain that swimming can offer at such a cost.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Registrar, Rob Doyle, at registrar@dwmsc.com should you have any questions about registration.

Swimming Seasons

The swimming year is divided into two sessions:

Season 1September – January
Season 2 January – June

Swimming Times

Sunday8:00 pm. – 9:15 pm.
Tuesday8:00 pm. – 9:15 pm.
Thursday8:00 pm. – 9:00 pm.

Swimming Cost

There are three (3) options for paying fees, as shown below.

IN FULL$490*
PER SESSIONSeason 1: $267.50*
Season 2: $222.50

* Amount includes a $45 Swim NS Fee.The Swim NS fee is a one-time fee due at registration for all Masters Swimmers. The annual registration fee of $45 to Swim Nova Scotia registers you as a Masters Swimmer, which provides you with coverage for accident and liability insurance. All team members must be registered with Swim Nova Scotia; the Club will forward your information and fee to Swim NS.