Lane Etiquette for Masters Training

1. Learn the names of the swimmers in your lane.

2. Know the speed of the swimmers in your lane.  The lane should be set up that the fastest swimmer goes first, then the next fastest swimmer, and so on.

3. Circle swimming. Odd lanes swim on the right and even lanes swim on the left.

4. Don’t stop in the middle of the lane.  Swim to the end and then stop.

5. If you want to pass someone, be patient.  Tap them once on the foot, and this will let them know, to let you pass at the next wall.  The swimmer will then stop and let you pass.  Do not keep hitting their feet.

6. Leave at least 5 seconds apart.  If you are catching up to the person in front of you, then you need to change positions with them, or leave 10 seconds apart.

7. Turn at the centre of the lane on the T, but push off on the right side of your lane.  If you are letting someone pass, push to the far side of the lane, and let them turn at the centre of the lane, then leave 5 seconds after.

8. Always have a strong finish and finish at the wall.  Swimmers that are finished must move out of the way to let the others finish strong.

9. Learn the pace clock.

10. Brush your teeth before coming to the pool

11. If you are the lane leader, you have responsibilities.  Have your goggles on, so that when the coach says “go” you’re ready.  Know the pace time for your lane and leave on time.  Keep track of the laps your lane has done.  Get everyone to help keep track with you. Make sure to remind the swimmers that have finished to move and let the other swimmers coming behind you to finish at the wall.

12. Swim as a group during sets, you can’t just start the next set when you’re ready.

13. If you are unable to complete part of your set, please ask the coach to move you to a different lane or ask for a modification. Do not just make up your own practice as this interferes with the other swimmers who are following the set.

14. Do not unnecessarily splash your fellow swimmers.

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