Tues/Sun: 8:00p - 9:15p Thurs: 8:00p - 9:00p


If anyone is interested in any of the items listed below, please contact our equipment manager Ashdynn at practice or you can e-mail her at equipment@dwmsc.com.


Please allow her a full day’s notice if you wish to have a suit for the next practice.

Item Image Quantity Size Price
Female Swimsuits (blue print)  
All Sold
Female Swimsuits (blue swirl)  f_swirlsuit All Sold
Female Swimsuits (dark blue)   All Sold
Mens Jammers   All Sold
Mens Briefs  brief All Sold
Super Man T-Shirts  super_t All Sold
Yellow Club T-Shirts  yellow_t All Sold
White T-Shirts  grey_t All Sold
Team Swim Caps  yellow_cap lots in stock one size $5 latex / $10 silicon
Fins  blue_fin green_fin All Sold
All Sold