Bring a Buddy and Beer Night

Today I bring you a general reminder of the upcoming Bring A Buddy Night, happening next Thursday on Oct 28th 2010.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who you might know that may be interested in swimming. It could be a person you know who is curious about “that swim thing” you do every week, A co-worker who is interested in getting fit, A neighbor looking for a new activity to participate in, A friend who is looking to “plug in” through a fun new activity. Whatever the reason we as the Dartmouth Whalers Masters Swim Club can offer them something.

As a socially active group comprised of members swimming for fitness, to tri-athlete training, and competitive swimming we already provide a wide range of goals for our members. Which is why we are perfect for your buddy to consider.

So on October 28th 2010, bring that buddy, pop in a little earlier than normal (say 8:10-8:15) and introduce them to the other members of the team. They don’t have to swim at your level either. All abilities are welcome. Don’t forget to hang out for a bit after as we will be having our monthly “Beer Night” just upstairs at the Sportsplex, just take the elevator to the very top after you change.

In the words of my old high school, Carpe Diem! Seize the day. Seize the opportunity and bring a buddy!

Your ever working social committee.